Dear Dan: I Put Stuff Off and Work All Weekend

19/05/2018 14:09 | Share

Dear Dan, I read and love your blog. Your post on procrastination hit home because I am a procrastinator. My director-level job involves deep-dive creativity, research, writing, deadlines, and teams. I’m good at… Continue reading

On Books

18/05/2018 23:01 | Share

I love books, the old fashioned kind made from trees. I love how they feel and smell. Old books smell like wisdom. I love how books look on my shelves. If you saw… Continue reading

4 Ways to Delegate Before it’s too Late

18/05/2018 12:12 | Share

You waited too long to delegate if you’re going under for the third time. Delegation isn’t a life preserver for overworked leaders. Desperation is a lousy context for delegation. Practice proactive delegation: #1.… Continue reading

The Seductions of Arrogance Compound the Elusiveness of Humility

18/05/2018 00:04 | Share

I write so frequently about humility because it eludes me. “In reality, there is, perhaps, no one of our natural passions so hard to subdue as pride.” Benjamin Franklin If you don’t grapple… Continue reading

Dear Dan: What’s Your Take on Humor in Leadership

17/05/2018 10:57 | Share

Dear Dan, I follow, and love, your leadership thoughts. I would be interested in seeing your take on humor and its role or value in leadership. Sincerely, Curious Dear Curious, Thanks for the… Continue reading

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