Blockchain solution promises to save millions for ocean freight

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The solution, devised by Accenture, would reduce data entry and streamline operations, while increasing visibility across the entire supply chain. 

You should accelerate your supply chain's estimated delivery time in 2018

18/03/2018 22:16 | Share

From streamlining your processes to automating order management, your business demands a warehouse to be “swift like a river.”

Are CPOs Painted into a Corner?

16/03/2018 17:54 | Share

There are numerous well-developed Procurement organizations doing progressive work across the scope of the discipline – from basic buying through Supplier Relationship Management.

Sentinel Day Use Area – Riverbank Reconstruction

16/03/2018 15:14 | Share

Site work and paving for a civil project in Cochrane, Alberta. Completed plans call for site work for a road / highway; and for paving for a road / highway. Sentinel Day Use Area Riverbank Reconstruction project involves the supply and installation vegetative rip rap armouring (approximately 7,300 m3 of Class 3 rip rap, riverbed […]

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Atradius Report Examines the Current State of Asia Pacific Supply Chains

16/03/2018 15:01 | Share

Global trade credit insurer Atradius recently released its annual report on the Asia-Pacific region providing in-depth reviews of each country’s performance outlook by industry, and how political and economic situations are playing a role in the current business climate.

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