Supply Chain

Supply Chain Needs More Accurate Costing Information

18/03/2018 22:36 | Share

Supply chain professionals need more accurate and effective cost information to help their decision-making.

Innovating to Create Mobile Managers in the Warehouse

18/03/2018 22:35 | Share

The warehouse should embrace a digital mobile reality, but what is the right path forward?

UK teacher wins global best teacher prize

18/03/2018 22:18 | Share

The winning teacher warns of pupils’ deprivation and calls for more support for the arts.

GE’s program to speed up US Imports through US ports

09/03/2018 19:29 | Share

An article in the Wall Street Journal (March 6, 2018) titled ” GE Units Expands program to speed up U.S. imports through supply chains”, describes GE Transportation’s work with the port of Long Beach in California to speed up imports through the port through use of its GE optimizer software. The software aims to pull data together from ‘shipping companies, port terminal operators, freight railroads and other supply chain layers into a single portal’, thus enabling visibility into shipments two weeks before they arrive. This improved visibility is expected to help coordination and thus better match supply and demand. Should such software be developed as open source elements that can get connected through standard protocols or would it help to have a third party company orchestrate the data connections ? Will emerging blockchain initiatives reduce the need for such centralized software solutions ? How should users be charged for the visibility into their shipments ?

Should Kohl’s sell Whole Foods products in it’s stores?

09/03/2018 18:28 | Share

An article in Business Insider (March 2, 2018 suggests that an alliance between Kohl’s and Whole Foods may provide a winning combination. Last year, Kohl’s started accepting return products for Amazon. Kohl’s has a network of 1,110 stores in suburban malls, offers a new set of customers, and wants to decrease its retail store footprint, thus this can help Whole Foods reach a new set of customers for its 365 label and help Kohl’s with retail space usage. In addition, Kohl’s has already announced an alliance with Aldi, so this may be a more diverse platform for grocery items. Should Kohl’s focus on Aldi alone and expand that relationship, or build a more custom store location dependent grocery plan, choosing between Aldi and Whole Foods, based on location ? Should these mini Whole Foods locations sell the private label Whole Foods brand along ? How might the ease of transacting with Amazon and the availability of inventory for immediate pickup help expand the Amazon and Kohl’s relationship ?

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