The 21 Principles of 21st Century Leadership: Performance - Procurement Class


Topic: Leadership and Management
Lessons: 3 video lessons
Total length: 52:33 min

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Class summary

Performance is driven by action. Assuming that you have perceived the right problem and built an ethical and effective strategy, how can get your people to actually deliver excellent results? As a leader you should always expect the very best of your people, do not accept ‘half-assed’ work and effort. Why? Because it is by pursuing excellence that you and your team become excellent. This commitment to excellent execution enables you get the very best out of your team; Steve Jobs was so successful and admired not because he was nice (he often wasn’t), but because he could get the very best out of his people and teams. If you want to get great performance, make sure your hold yourself and your team to the highest standards and set the expectation that all work should be done to high standards. However, this does not mean obsessing about every minor detail. The world moves quickly and you and your team need to keep up. Instead of trying to make everything perfect, it is better to create things that are good enough and rapidly build on them to achieve better things. For example, instead of building a perfect iPhone prototype, it is better to rapidly build many different prototypes and keep building prototypes until the best version has been achieved. You need to help your team understand which areas to obsess over and which areas to move rapidly on.

What I will learn

Are you looking for a better job?
Do you want to be promoted?
Do you want to be recognized for your leadership skills?
HOW are you going to do this?
What is THE BEST WAY for you to STAND OUT from the crowd?

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