The 21 Principles of 21st Century Leadership: Planning - Procurement Class


Topic: Leadership and Management
Lessons: 3 video lessons
Total length: 01:02:37 min

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Class summary

Enabling your team and organization to adapt to change and overcome challenges is an important part of leadership. However, it is very easy to make assumptions that lead you to focus on solving the wrong problem. Not only does this waste time, energy and resources it means your risk being overwhelmed by the real issue that you have overlooked or ignored. Therefore, as the leader you must make sure you and your team are perceiving the right problem (remember the example of the plane and the bullet holes?)! For example, if you are leading a sales team, you might think that the problem is that your sales people are unmotivated. However, the real problem might be that they are selling a poor quality product that customers do not like. It is wise to force yourself to develop the patience and discipline of really exploring a situation and problem before you do anything. Only by perceiving the right problem can you make the right decision!

What I will learn

Are you looking for a better job?
Do you want to be promoted?
Do you want to be recognized for your leadership skills?
HOW are you going to do this?
What is THE BEST WAY for you to STAND OUT from the crowd?

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